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Each appointment is approximately two hours for brow tattooing , lip blush and eyeliner. We consult the day of each appointment and map everything out. If you have previously micro bladed or tattooed eyebrows, lip blush or PMU of any kind you'll need to submit photos to If you'd like to book an in person consultation this is an extra cost cost and the consults can be booked whenever prior to your initial session, $20 from this consult will be applied to the tattoo appt. Aftercare kits are included with every appointment . Every appointment booked requires a deposit that can be paid at the checkout when booking . Your touchup must be booked 6-8 weeks after your initial session, please pre book before you leave or that night online .




I No longer offer microblading services- your brows will be done in the style "Nano Brows" . Nano lasts longer, looks nicer and is less traumatic to your skin. This technique retains pigment better and can look super hyper realistic . Choose Nano at booking. This photos is of Nano style brows

Combination Brow

 This is a combination of two techniques ,hair strokes & shading . This specific technique will be done with nano strokes (machine work ) style hair strokes and shading will be done with a machine. We can create a soft and defined brow or a more dramatic and fuller brow, designed to suit your specific needs and skin type.


Powder/Ombre Brow

Dry- Extremely Oily Skin types

Shading can be as intense or as natural as you prefer. I do NOT tattoo Heavily defined dark brows, trends change and you may aswell. We want to enhance your natural beauty with this technique but still make you look like you have badass defined brows. Brows will have a light to dark gradient. This is Great option for mature skin, oily skin and covering old microblading and tattoos.

IMG_3148 3_edited.jpg

Nano Brows

Nano brows are the technique of slowly building up density of colour in a hair stroke formation. The process is slow so that we can create the most seamless and blended strokes with your own natural hair or mock the appearance of a dense and full brow for those with less hair . There are no microblades used with this technique .


Saline Removal

When doing correctional work saline removal is always considered. The process of lightening is done by tattooing saline solution into the tattooed area to break up pigment molecules. The boddy will shed this out over the corse of the next few weeks. Your first session helps to lift so it can sometimesThis procedure takes approximately 6-8 weeks to heal . This procedure is also effective with fading small tattoos. One or more sessions may be required to achieve desired results.


Existing client refresh


Within 6 months $100 

6-24 months $250 

Appointment -1-1.5 hour

Aftercare kits for this appointment provided


Lip BLush

Looking to make your lips look fuller or are wanting a more even tone ? Then lip blush is the perfect service! Lip blush can last anywhere from 3-5 years depending on lifestyle factors. We create a soft pixelated glazed look that can change the tone of your lips completely or we can enhance your current features and just create even tonality and definition throughout. Clients must pre book at least a week prior as there is specific prep for this service.



Done with a cosmetic tattoo machine.Custom to your desired results. Healing Cream provided

Any additional touch ups after or additions within the first year will be $100

Suitable for all skin types, oilier skin may fade faster. Must avoid tanning or active skin care a month prior to your appointment, no exceptions. 


Eyeliner/Lash line enhancemen

Eyeliner should enhance the natural beauty of the eye and it ismeant to look amazing with or with our eye makeup. This service Includes Lash enhancements  (including option for subtle wing ) Smokey liner or Shadowed Liner. Eyeliner is a tedious and delicate treatment that takes 2 someone 3 sessions. We can build up over a few sessions if you desire a bolder shadow each time.  Please be sure to read the requirements on the booking page . 

E552D781-5849-4AE9-8C4C-28AE58E125D1 2.JPEG

Areola Restorative Tattoos

I am currently offering this service to breast cancer or transitioning clients free of charge . This is suitable as long as you have been cleared by your surgeon and this is considered your final step of the process . Scars must be well healed, preferably 6 plus months or until there is no pink remaining (healing skin). Please send me an email to discuss booking a consultation. 


Fine Line / Micro tattoos

Fine line tattoos should be palm size and under currently, no realism. no chunky text, preference is given to script, ornamental, floral or geometric artistic designs. This is a 90 minute window- please email design ideas ahead of time.

E53B3B0E-6D1B-4663-B307-F82A2DBF8C4B 2_edited.png

Brow tint & Sculpt

Hybrid long lasting formula created to tint your hair and skin. Perfect for those who do not want to go as permanent as microblading, or for those who do not want to apply make-up to their brows on a daily basis. Bronsun stain will  last on average 10 days on skin and 6 weeks on the hair.  This is a great service add on to lamination  


Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is essentially a relaxing service for your brows . Similar to perming , we style the hairs into a desired “fluffy” or groomed position upright . Using Inleis amazing 3 step formula we can achieve fluffy laminated brows in 45 minutes .  You will need to nourish your brows daily with a hydrating oil I provide you with. Laminating is to be booked 8 weeks apart to ensure we don’t damage the hair and skin . " The works includes a lamination and tint and wax "


The Works- Tint & Lami

This service consists of a brow lamination, tinting and sculpting the brows

All services can be booked through online booking, if you are not sure what service is right for you, please email me at

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